This school year build a thriving wellbeing school district. We want to help!

Developing thriving school leaders and districts

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What do we do best? Develop thriving school districts.

1. We ask great questions.

Strengths + Wellbeing + Engagement

Key Questions:

  • What anchors your leadership? 
  • What are your strengths?  How do you use them to lead authentically?  
  • How are your strengths perceived by others?
  • How do you use a strengths lens to gain insight into those you lead?
  • How does your wellbeing impact a life well lived and a job well done?
  • What values keep you steady as you look forward?
  • How are your values aligned to your mission and that of the district?  
  • How do you maintain steadfast leadership among rough waters and constant changes in the tide?
  • How do leaders like you navigate similar waters?  

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2. We partner with school leaders to build thriving school districts.

 "Building A Thriving School District" seminar.  


  • Participants focus on their individual and unique strengths & wellbeing.  
  • You will gain insight into the impact of wellbeing on performance and living out strengths in a healthy, productive way.  
  • Leaders learn how to influence the performance of others through a strengths-based lens.   
  • All registered participants will complete the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment and receive their Top 5 Signature Strengths Themes

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3. We develop leaders using a strengths-based and wellbeing lens.

Thriving Leadership & District "POP UP" sessions conducted in districts, regions, & for oganizaions.  

  • How do you stay connected to your unique strengths, wellbeing, values, and vision?  
  • How do you re-connect to your own authenticity?
  • What is your practice to stay grounded?
  • How does your wellbeing impact your leadership performance?
  • How does wellbeing impact the performance of your district?

Contact the ACOFEE team for details and discuss your specific retreat goals.  

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4. We use Strengths & Wellbeing mentorship to impact the performance of thriving, school leaders.

Every education leader needs an executive mentor.  A trusted advisor to guide you around your strengths,  explore your wellbeing,  examine your values, and bring ongoing clarity to your vision and mission.  

Do you have a professional mentor?  Every great leader has one.  You should too. 

Contact our team about personal strengths and wellbeing executive mentoring.  Together we will create a plan that works for you  

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What do we believe?

At ACOFEE we believe leaders deserve personal and professional development and mentorship grounded in strengths identification, understanding, and utilization to achieve measurable impact and to realize the effect of wellbeing on performance and leadership. We believe great leaders focus first on the conditions that create thriving wellbeing schools in order to create a great place to work and learn.

Leaders know that to take care of others they must first take care of themselves.  

Our most impactful and sustaining growth and awareness comes when we stop, listen,  and intentionally create time to reflect and recharge.  Your time as school leaders is devoured by meetings,  phone calls,  emails, texts, unexpected disruptions, and community responsibilities.  As leaders of rural and small school districts your time away from your role is nearly non-existent.  In order to lead with clarity of values,  thriving wellbeing, emotional engagement and self awareness of strength you have no choice but to schedule and prioritize yourself.  It is in these moments when you develop greater certainty and conviction of purpose and the daring to persevere during times of adversity and challenge. 

At ACOFEE, we strive to help you retake your innate need for reflection and connection.  We provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in thought, integration of a thriving wellbeing, and on-going implementation of your unique strengths  with those who share your similar position. We believe that when two or more are gathered in a trusting environment, over coffee, investing in each other's development great things happen.    

Too often the hard thinking is done for you.  You are asked to "sit and git" your development based on what others have defined as important with no input from you.  There might be a time and place for that approach but a growth and development vacuum is created when that is the only option on the table.  At ACOFEE there are no vendors at our events.  Ever.  No sales presentations. No policy,  regulation, or compliancy discussions.  

Genuine Leadership Development is focused on the strengths, wellbeing, and values of the individual leader and linked to outcomes specific to their position.

At ACOFEE we use proven and research-based approaches to personal leadership development. We focus on the individual by identifying and exploring their unique strengths, applying those strengths to a thriving wellbeing and clarity of values.  

I want to know how to create a thriving district.

I am a school district leader.

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ACOFEE Founder & Thought Leader

Kelly Peaks Horner, Founder & Education Executive Strategist, Coach & Mentor

Kelly is a seasoned educational development consultant with a successful record of supporting school district leaders across the education sector.  She is recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for facilitating strategic planning with public schools, as well as, creating thriving school environments which support and enhance staff and student engagement.  She has a history of contributing to school district growth and goal achievement throughout her career.  Her professional focal points include leadership development, talent acquisition, strategic program planning, and project management.  Kelly  has been a dedicated education advocate and professional for over 30 years.  She has served as a teacher,  teacher leader,  school administrator,  Human Resources Specialist, and education consultant.  For 15 years she partnered with superintendents and school leaders all over the country and created measurable impact and better days for students and families.  

She is at her best when in conversation with Superintendents, sharing their favorite brew,  creating a strategic path to a great future for staff, students, and families.  Kelly holds a Bachelor's degree in elementary education and a Masters Degree in education leadership and supervision from George Mason University.   

ACOFEE Library

We search for great content so you don't have to. 

Feel free to come in and browse, download, and use in your personal or professional development.  

What do they say about us?

"I have worked closely with Kelly over the years in various capacities as she worked with Superintendents and Principals on their hiring and selection of teachers.  Kelly has a unique ability to strategize with leaders,  understand their individual needs,  and develop and implement impact plans that lead to growth and outcomes for students.  She is at her best talking with Superintendents and leaders about how to create engaging environments for students and great workplaces for adults.  She understands all leaders are unique and should lead and motivate from their individual strengths, not their position.  I highly recommend partnering with Kelly and the team at ACOFEE as they coach executive staff to reach their district's mission."

Dr. Elizabeth Arons, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Schools Human Capital Academy

"Kelly Horner is a strategic thinker and her ability to support leadership development initiatives is exemplary. I have known Kelly for nine years and she has shared her expertise in strategic planning and human resources development which has resulted in a highly effective system for selection,

development, and coaching support in our school district. Kelly is passionate about her work and is also passionate about seeing others improve their processes. She is very personable and a great listener. She takes care to understand the culture and context of our organization and aligns her work to the context of the organization. I know that if you have the opportunity to work with Kelly, you will have a professional partner for life who is also vested in your success and the success of your organization."

Dr. Kendra Washington-Bass, Director of Leadership Development, Gwinnett County Public Schools 

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